Sunday, August 02, 2009


This is a collection of photos from the previous years of GPTV. Enjoy!!!

love your pigs! check out guffy and squeaky at guineabigstudios
I love your satin agouti guineapig truffles. shimmer's(my guinea pig at a lemon agouti guinea pig. and squeakys a dutch (my other pig.)
Autumn and Patches are beautifully colored. Thanks for the cool photo show!
yeah,Truffles is an american satin golden agouti,Autumn is an american tortoiseshell and white(calico)
I looked these up in a 4-h cavy guide.I think shimmer is a broken(silver agouti,cream and white)and i am pretty sure squeaky is a tortoiseshell in white althoug she looks like a guinea pigs have the same kind of markings. I really like guineabigstudios!!!Where did you get all the other pigs on your website?-Abigail
maybe we can dress up our pigs for Halloween and make another Halloween special with all our pigs together. then ours can meet yours!
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