Wednesday, January 03, 2007


March of the Gummy Penguins: GPTV Episode #7

Michaela, who loves penguins, thought of this idea when we found some gummy candies in the shape of her favorite animal. Together we did our first stop-action video. For the record, I must state that Chatterboy did not follow the script. He got into the act too much! The plan was to do stop-action with the gummy penguins marching in the frosting and then do video to show Chatterboy chewing (on lettuce or hay) beside the penguins, to make it appear as if he had eaten them. Michaela's title for it was "Great White Guinea Pig". But instead, after sitting by the penguins for a while, the guinea pig decided to try one. I got it on video but please note that we immediately removed the candy from Chatterboy's mouth! Working with animals is a bit unpredictable!

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