Friday, February 23, 2007


Help! Special Edition

After watching Chris Pirillo's Help! video, Chatterboy decided to ask Chris to help him with a problem.

Here is Chatterboy's response to Chris:

And here is Chris's answer for Chatterboy, courtesy of Darth Vader.

Thanks, Chris. Hope you get some sleep! In the meanwhile we'll try to find some magazines...if anyone else has any suggestions, please let us know.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Spring! Special Edition: GPTV #11

Watch the Video

Chatterboy explores the garden during early spring days.



First 4-H Winter Clinic: GPTV Episode #10

Watch the Video

Chatterboy and Abigail attended their first 4-H Winter Clinic where they met friends. Abigail made a cage and Chatterboy got his ear tagged.



When Daddy's Not Home: GPTV Episode #9

When Daddy's not home, Chatterboy gets into some adventures, including using a search engine. Abigail wrote part of this script. This episode required new technical skills: screencasting!



Tea (and Broccoli) with Piggy: GPTV #8

Elisabeth, age 4, wrote the script for this episode. Chatterboy enjoys tea and broccoli. Blooper included.

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