Friday, March 02, 2007


Piggy for President: GPTV #12

Piggy runs for president, gives a campaign speech and eats lettuce. Watch the election! Abigail did most of the writing, filming and editing for this episode.

Hi Julie,

Hello, I’m Crystal and I am the assistant web editor for Critters USA magazine. I am working on creating a Children’s section for the 2008 issue of Critters USA. I would like to include a “Child to Child” feature where children who own small animals give advice on how to handle or care for them to children who are about to be first time small animal owners.

I am writing to ask if Abigail might be interested in submitting a tip of advice for this feature.

I enjoy all of the chatterbox videos and find them entertaining. If you think Abigail might be interested please email me at

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Crystal Apilado
ha ha ha ha this is too funny and too cute too.

My videos are: (there are some cats there)

I also recommend you to watch:

I am sorry all this is mostly in Spanish (there are some English in the second link)
This is so cute! It makes me miss my own guinea pig (Butterscotch) who died last January... I'm glad you are having fun with your piggy and not wasting the time you have with her!!

- Maggie
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